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Welcome to our homepage!


We are a Lutheran free church in Finland, founded in 2002. We believe that the Bible is the true and infallible word of God which he has given to mankind so that we might know the sure way to salvation. The Bible tells us that God sent his only son, Jesus Christ, into the world to pay for all our sins on the cross. By raising him up from the dead he declared all mankind to be innocent of their sins. God now invites all people everywhere to believe this redemption.


We believe that God distributes the gift of salvation through his promises of grace and through baptism and holy communion. We believe that the Lutheran confessions, gathered in the Book of Concord from 1580, are a correct exposition of the Bible. All the teaching in our church must therefore agree with the Bible and these confessions.


If you have any questions, please contact:


Pastor Juhani Viitala

Hiilloskaari 10 A

60220 Seinäjoki




Mobile: +358-405966029


For further material in English, we ask you to visit the web page of our sister church in the US, the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Church, here. You can also visit the web page of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC), here, of which we are also a member.

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